Partnering with the High-Level Champions for Global Climate Action, WBCSD will convene multiple sessions across the Race to Zero Dialogues 9-19 November 2020.

2020 has brought crippling challenges to climate action and sustainable development, but despite setbacks, system transformation is well underway. These dialogues will chart how entire sectors are rapidly transitioning towards a zero-carbon future.

WBCSD’s sessions will profile climate action solutions across the Industry, Water, Regenerative Resilient Food Systems and the Built Environment climate action pathways.

The dialogues will provide critical solutions for the forthcoming UNFCCC Climate Dialogues and set the stage for business and governments to double down on climate action on the road to COP26 in 2021.

Join WBCSD sessions across the Race to Zero Dialogues and view the whole Dialogues agenda here.

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