About Nutrition for Growth Summit

The Tokyo 2021 Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit, taking place on 7-8 December, is a global effort to bring together country governments, donors and philanthropies, businesses, NGOs and beyond on issue of malnutrition. Hosted by the Government of Japan, N4G comes at a critical time, halfway through the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, with just four years left to achieve the World Health Assembly (WHA) nutrition targets, and with just nine years remaining to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is a strong call to business leaders to take action today and step up for better nutrition, while taking into account deep and complex interlinks between agriculture, land use, biodiversity loss, equitable livelihoods and healthy diets. We need a regenerative and equitable food system producing healthy, safe and nutritious food for all in order to ensure the highest attainable standards of health and wellbeing for everyone. Only if we consider the system in its totality, taking into account all elements and relationships to develop holistic solutions to malnutrition and climate change, we will be able to reach our vision for 9+ billion people to live well, within planetary boundaries by 2050 (WBCSD, Vision 2050).

Business contribution to the Summit

WBCSD has been appointed as the only business voice representing the private sector on the N4G Advisory Group. In collaboration with members of the N4G Business Constituency Group, WBCSD developed the Responsible Business Pledge for Better Nutrition, expected to receive numerous commitments at the N4G Summit.

Business expectations from the Summit

Throughout the past months, the private sector has stepped up its leadership and commitments for Better Diets and Food Systems Transformation. Both the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 (N4G) and have galvanized business action on nutrition and supported the development of new methods and frameworks for business to help transform diets for better nutritional and planetary outcomes.

N4G is a global pledging moment to drive unprecedented, coordinated, and impactful commitments on nutrition and to help ensure everyone, everywhere can reach their full potential.

Companies now have the opportunity to show their leadership on the critical issue of malnutrition by signing up to the Responsible Business Pledge for Better Nutrition and making three SMART commitments in line with the N4G Principles of Engagement .

WBCSD events at the Summit

Throughout the coming weeks, governments, philanthropies, civil society organizations and businesses around the world will host N4G side events to share progress and accelerate global leadership on nutrition. These events will mobilize commitments at regional, national and global levels.

WBCSD will be involved in N4G-accredited side events seen below:

WBCSD co-organized events

Introducing the N4G Business Constituency Group: How business is stepping up to tackle malnutrition

Date: 29 November, 1-2 pm CET


Responsible Business Pledge for Better Nutrition: Business commits to tackling malnutrition

Date: 6 December, 2-3:30 pm CET
Host: WBCSD, IFBA, The Food Foundation


Past events

SMART private sector workforce nutrition commitments: Leveraging the workplace to bring improved nutrition to millions of employees

Date: 16 November, 10 am CET
Host: GAIN, CGF, GoJ

Creating a Healthier Food Landscape in Asia

Date: 1 Dec, 9 am CET
Host: FIA

Peas Please Initiative

Date: 1 Dec, 11 am CET
Host: The Food Foundation

Transforming food systems for better nutrition, health, and prosperity

Date: 6 Dec, 9 am CET

Mobilizing intergenerational action to create sustainable food systems and healthy diets for all

Date: 6 Dec, 11 am CET
Host: Action4Food Action4Change, GAIN, EAT, The Food Foundation, World Food Forum

Counting the True Cost: How understanding the real cost of food can improve nutrition for all

Date: 9 December, 12:30 pm CET


Emily Grady

Senior Manager, FReSH

Camilla De Nardi

Associate, FReSH

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