Mainstreaming nature actions into business and key economic sectors

Location: Nature Positive Pavilion
Host: Primary convenors: WBCSD, WWF & IUCN. Strategic partners: Business for Nature, WEF, Capitals Coalition, TNFD.
Date: 15 December 2022
Time:  15:00 – 16:00 EST

Description: Four major value chains account for about 90% of pressures on nature, which map to three broader socio-economic systems that deliver significant business opportunities worth an estimated USD 10.1 trillion and around 395 million jobs: land-based (food & forestry), built environment and energy systems. The Post-2020 Framework must be strengthened so that it encourages Parties to support, incentivize and require business to transform their business models and to encourage direct business participation in the implementation of the Framework. This message has been clear from WBCSD and BfN engagements over the last several years, including through the Global Goal for Nature group.

This session presents an opportunity to deliver on the following objectives: 

  • Bring the key learnings from the conversations on mainstreaming biodiversity action in business and key economic sectors to the attention of government representatives  
  • Connect governments, civil society, the financial sector and businesses to each other to help unlock joint action that can speed up the mainstreaming of biodiversity in business and key economic sectors. 
  • Help provide the comfort and courage to negotiators that adopting a transformative biodiversity framework also makes economic sense and is supported by the leading business and finance community, particularly in support of the Business for Nature policy messages on target 15 in the draft Global Biodiversity Framework. 


  • Event facilitator: Nadine McCormick, Manager, Nature Action, WBCSD  
  • Gavin Edwards, Director, Global Nature Positive Initiative, WWF
  • Diane Holdorf, Executive Vice President, WBCSD
  • Dr Antonin Vergez, Senior expert for natural resources economics, IUCN
  • Andrianariosa Romy, President of the Sustainable Development and Business Ethics Commission of the Madagascar Business Group, Madagascar
  • Fortunato Lifanissa Luís, Chief of staff of the president and focal point for Environment and Biological Diversity at Federation of Agrarian Association of Mozambique (FENAGRI), Mozambique
  • Eva de Keyser, Sustainability Manager Plant-based Europe, Alpro
  • Vivian Chao, Senior Advisory Consultant & Project Manager, Arup 
  • Isabel Tomé Esteban, Head of Biodiversity, Iberdrola 

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