Food system climate solutions: Managing climate risks and externalities from the food system

Location: Tutankhamun Room, Blue Zone
Host: Citizens’ Climate, Rockefeller Foundation, True Animal Protein Price Coalition, Good Food Finance Network (co-hosted by WBCSD), Global Alliance for the Future of Food  
Date: 11 November 2022
Time: 15:00–16:30 (EET)

Description: This official UNFCCC-listed side event will focus on food system climate solutions. Global food systems make up a third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are a major driver of nature loss.  

This session will highlight solutions the public and private sectors can use to address these risks, including true cost accounting, non-market approaches, and Good Food Finance Network (GFFN) interventions. It will also connect ideas, innovations and enabling policies to “non-market” cooperative implementation as outlined in Article 6.8 of the Paris Agreement. Negotiations around non-market approaches (NMAs) focus on opportunities to enhance overall coherence, ambition and investability of climate action. Food-related NMAs include many areas closely linked to the substantive work of the GFFN and the funding arrangements that will be activated through the Co-Investment Platform. 


Moderator: Danielle Nierenberg—President at Food Tank  

Part 1 (45 min)  

  • Zitouni Ould-Dada— Deputy Director in the Climate and Environment Division at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)   
  • Helena Wright— Policy Director at the Jeremy Coller Foundation (JCF) 
  • Jeroom Remmers— Director at TAPP Coalition  
  • Pavan Sukhdev—Chief Executive Officer at GIST  
  • Roy Steiner— Senior Vice President for the Food Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation 

Part 2 (45 min)  

  • Diane Holdorf— Executive Vice President and member of the Senior Management Team at WBCSD  
  • Gunhild Stordalen—Founder and Executive Chair at EAT  
  • Jeremy Coller / Maria Lettini—FAIRR Initiative 
  • Ertharin Cousin— CEO & Founder at Food Systems for the Future (FSF)  

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