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The unprecedented scale of disruption brought by the COVID-19 crisis is a vivid reminder that business as usual is no longer viable. A few months ago, little did we know about the extent to which our economies and societies would be impacted. It is hard to predict the final impacts nor the speed of recovery towards the ‘new normal’.

Times like these demand bold leadership and action. For business, this is a pivotal moment to deploy all its critical know-how, network and resources to adapt to an ever-evolving context while planning for the next wave of disruption and keep working on sustainability in this new reality.

As we step up our efforts to support our members in responding to and learning from this crisis, we invite you to join our new virtual meeting series: Business as unusual, reshaping the present and future.

Over the months of April through July, these featured sessions will provide the opportunity to engage across a wide spectrum of relevant and strategic topics and participate in collaborative projects. Fully complimentary (except for the Circular Transition Indicators training), the events will highlight innovative and collaborative solutions to face current and future challenges.

Featured sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 – 11:30 CEST and are repeated in the afternoon at 16:00 – 17:30 to accommodate different time-zones.

All sessions are recorded and documentation is made available to participants following the event. See below for an overview of each session and access to the recording and documentation, but also for an overview of the upcoming sessions.

If you want a quick overview of all the featured sessions, please see this document.

Please refer to our monthly WBCSD calendar for a full overview of all our events, including Program and Project sessions.

For more information about a specific meeting and to register, please click on the corresponding link on the calendar. If you have any questions or if you have trouble registering for a session, please email events@wbcsd.org.


Transformative city-business partnerships

1 July

Realizing systems transformation - Business insights into WBCSD’s Vision 2050

6 July

WBCSD Online Meeting in North America 2020

8 July

Future proofing your energy strategy through value chain collaboration

13 July

Chief Sustainability Officers for SDGs

14 July

Nature Action for a healthy and resilient future

20 July


Shaping the future of work by putting people first

3 June

Business leadership on climate action and building resilience

8 June

Human rights in the agriculture sector and food value chains

10 June

Making the SDGs actionable for business: Insights from sector roadmaps

15 June

COVID-19 recovery scenarios

16 June

Assessing & managing integrated performance

17 June

We Value Nature training: understanding key steps to conducting a first natural capital assessment

22 June

How Covid-19 will change the way we use space

23 June

Circular Transition Indicators training (Free promotional offer)

24 June

Going beyond individual company action for systems decarbonization

29 June


Sustainability in growth impacted scenarios

4 May

SOS 1.5: the road to a resilient, zero-carbon future

6 May

Sustainability & finance sector: mobilizing capital for a resilient world

11 May

TCFD learnings & next steps

13 May

Responding to business disruption

18 May

Modernizing governance: engaging with directors on challenges ahead

20 May

Creating value, mitigating risk and tackling food system externalities

27 May

Business and nutrition – all sectors unite to achieve SDG2

28 May


Leadership in crisis: the business response to COVID-19

20 April

Building resilience in vital supply chains

22 April

Where next: key trends and disruptions for the decade ahead

27 April

The consequences of COVID-19: What the pandemic means for the decade ahead

29 April

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