Eat@Home: Policy Asks for Changing and Re-Arranging our Consumption Patterns

10 December 2020, 3:30 – 5:00 pm CET

Convened by the EAT Forum, the EAT@Home virtual event series will delve into the transformation of food systems across health, climate change, biodiversity, and social equity. EAT@Home is the opportunity to engage with, contribute to and influence the movement for food system transformation leading up to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit.

When seeking enabling solutions that foster the transition to healthy and sustainable consumption patterns, what we eat is just as important as how that food is produced, traded, and eaten. Furthermore, of even greater importance is identifying which policies must be implemented in order to facilitate systemic transformation towards inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agri-food systems.

This session, organized by WBCSD, brings together key actors from the private sector, civil society, academia as well as the public sector to discuss different science-based policy levers that should be considered so as to drive effective change in food consumption patterns locally, nationally, and globally.

The policy recommendations to be discussed in this Eat@Home event are based on the results of WBCSD’s first Science-to-Policy Dialogue and will feature a launch of the policy chapter on consumption of the Food and Agriculture Roadmap.

Session materials:

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